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Welcome to the Ricklefs Family Center

 The Ricklefs Family Center is the interactive information warehouse for the world-wide Ricklefs Family Group as well as articles, general information and links to the fascinating realm of genealogy which we hope will be of interest to all those attempting to discover their roots. 

 We are proud to announce that the Ricklefs name is now the 23,448th most popular last name in the United States!

  A special feature is the Ricklefs Family Report(report) This report is the family name database, painstakingly maintained over the past twenty-two years. It is included at this site in its entirety to the date shown so that the basic information provided, such as name and birth year may help in your search. Further data on the individual or family connections may then be requested and available from the report source. Check to see if you are included and continue to check this site as more names and family groups are added...... so bookmark this site, now!  

  Presently, the database consists of just over 7,200 entries allocated within 370 family groups and includes those with the Ricklefs name, either by birth or marriage. As well, there is a growing group of derivational names, such as Rickles (the 'hockey pucks' of the family tree - apologies to Don), Ricklef, Rickels, Rickel, Rickell, Ricklefsen, etc. The intention of identifying the derivations is to develop an understanding of the initial origin and methodology for early division of the different name styles. See the Names Derivation chart for an historical perspective developed so far (derivations) 

  The earliest time period found in the database so far is the late 1500's; primarily received from church records in Oldenburg, Germany. All of the current known origins are from two distinct areas of Germany; the Oldenburg area of the current-day Neidersachsen and the island of Amrum in Schleswig-Holstein. It is hoped we will soon find the connection and crossover between these two areas and have a better understanding of the migration of families.


Patronymics, the use of a father's given name to determine a son's family or surname has had some unusual aspects in 18th and 19th century Germany. It was used quite often in the Ricklefs family from 1750 to 1860 and has created some difficult generational questions. For a more detailed look, you might read an article I wrote forGerman American Genealogy, Fall 1997. patronymics.

  What is the data source?

   We are often asked from what sourcesthe data is derived. The answer is as diverse as the data. By far the largestand most interesting source is, in fact, YOU, by supplying all that you have learned about your family and its relationships. This is thencombined with other information that eventually creates a broad-based picture of your particular family group. A great deal of information is obtained by the submission of data by virtue of receipt of the Ricklefs Introduction Letter(introduction letter)which is periodically mailed out, along with the Information Request Form (information)

  Are you already included in the Ricklefs database? 

 Send us your family question on the Information Request Form(requests) and we will search the database and determine from what family group you are a member. In addition, we may be able to provide further information about the other members of your family group and how you fit into the overall scheme of the Ricklefs Family Report.  

  Recognition of Outstanding Family Members(recognition) Closed for revisions 

  Recognition of Significant Geographic Locations(location) Closed for Revisions 

  General information on the Editors (editors)

  Please feel free to contact us at any time via e-mail at
or with snail mail to: RFC, P. O. Box 5, Prescott, AZ 86302-0005


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